Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just Orchids - Who's your Daddy?

This time this blog is not Not Just Orchids it's Just Orchids, (Motes Orchids) and we have to throw in the Singapore Botanical Gardens too. As many of you will know, when you come to Motes Orchids, as customers, maybe sidestepping a wheel barrow or a large dog, or waiting patiently while we scramble to find a pen- I will often remind you that, Ahem, for example, the world-renowned Singapore Botanical Gardens is also a customer. They love our orchids. Or, as Dr. Motes would say, "Are very interested in our breeding program."

Fast forward to now. We were watching the BBC news and there was the lighthearted bit at the end, Prince William and Catherine at the Singapore Botanical Gardens first admiring the white orchid named for Princess  Diana and then being presented with the new orchid named for them both: Vanda William Catherine.

 And we both declared: We know Who's your Daddy and Who's your Momma, too! The Singapore Botanical Gardens took one of our Vandas, First and Last and crossed it with Motes Toledo Blue and now it's William Catherine.

And here's the link, if you've got the space:  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Romney Put to Good Use

Remember they said only President Nixon (growly Republican) could make nice with China (teeth-baring Communists) without giving away the store? Wobbly peacenik-pinko-Dems wouldn't stand a chance. A chance, anyway,if not with the Chinese, then definitely not with public opinion, American voters.

Now, in the same way, Romney, if, God forbid, he wins (sorry, Republicans) could do one thing for us: address the fact that there are more young black men in prison than in college. That statistic may not be strictly true. But it's close and it's campaign season so I refuse to be cowed by narrow-minded, sour fact-checkers.
Anyway, it's something ludicrous like that. And ludicrous because of the often minimal, drug- related crimes they've been put away for. So bad in fact, it's been said; What is the American prison system? Cheap housing for blacks.
Now you may say why hasn't our First Black President addressed this burning issue?
Ha. The problem is our First Black President is black. Well, he's seldom called black. He's a Liberal, European Socialist, Community-organizing Moslem terrorist, Kenya Welfare King, Islamic militant. With the Kansas Granny. (Diabolical!)

This is where Romney comes in. If Obama is seldom called black, Romney is almost never called Mormon. So being another Other doesn't seem to weigh him down much. With his smooth white brow, chiseled chin and clear American gaze, he  is so far on the white side of the spectrum he almost falls off. His tall white sons stand stalwartly round him- no sniffling mushy liberal he, needing to be a Dad to errant inner city strays.
But Obama? Obama speaking up for incarcerated, young black brothers? Oh my. Just channel your inner Fox News and I hope you can sleep tonight.