Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday singalong

It's been Easter week and if it werent for the pastel eggs and bunnies in Publix, al pale pinks blues and yellows like a baby shower, I still wouldn't know. (We haven't colored Easter eggs for many years- see previous blog: Mother of the Groom.)

Here we are in "The most religious of all advanced industrial societies" as commentators call the US when trying to explain Republicans, and there's basically not an official, religious squeak. Whereas in the UK where it's generally agreed one of the most godless packs of citizenry resides, because we have "C of E," Church of England- a state religion - we have a daily dose. BBC had Matins on Sunday, Hymns of Praise, and from Monday to Friday in school we chanted the Lord's Prayer and belted out hymns every morning. This week in school we used to warble:
There is a green hill far away without a city wall,/ Where our dear Lord was crucified, he died to save us all./He died that we might be forgiven...."etc etc.

Of course, I haven't been in UK for Easter for many years. Apparently it's all "tambourines up the aisles" now and "multicultural." OMG! I have turned into one of those wizened old exiles who cry in their soup over the Old Country. Well, I've always been a non-believer but I did like the hymns, the one time when Anglo-Saxons would belt out music together. There and in the pubs. And football matches. So, OK that's all right then.