Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lost in the clouds

The big old computer died in March and so did my blogs. I have been on a slip and slide adventure with my new IPad (birthday present unused for nearly a year) and finally seem to be able to not eliminate what I've just done. One fun feature: watching the IPad throwing suggestions at me as to what my  skit skattering typing really intends to. Say.  OK I had so many ideas for blogs: NRA and the cowboy film. Jobs I could Do (Dollar Tree stores cashier - all a dollar My kind of math) BUT we are off to Albania next week! Had the big Motes Orchids Clearance Sale and stuffing dollars into our holiday pants, that,s it!
When we were teaching in Kosovo we coudln't  go. (Politics) I am busy trying to remember my Albanian. If I were a twitterer most every tweet would probably be " Can't remember the word for sheet! " Etc. 

 I will take a trusty note book and write down impressions in the good old fashioned way that served   Shakespeare, Mark Twain etc. well enough.