Saturday, June 19, 2010

North Carolina road trip

Four North Carolina orchid societies in four days: if this is Tuesday, it must be Durham! Lovely people, they bought every one of my Orchid Territory's (forty) and almost ten Kosova Kosovo's. So let's hear it for North Carolina. But there was not so much time to ramble round the back roads, and noting details got a bit slap dash:
"Cat Hospital" but "Canine Academy." Young tobacco plants like Boston lettuce. New Zealand scored 92nd minute v Slovakia. On small bldg: "US Post Office" and "Homemade Ice Cream."

We have become frivolous. We read fewer historic markers: Colonel Dobson Jobson who commanded the first something, something was born here..." and more shop fronts and backsides of vehicles. Behind a gravel truck: "Stay back - Not responsible for broken windshields." On the door of a feed store: "Yes, the cat can go out." In the front were chickens: "Birds sold as is. No refunds no returns. Items relating to chicken health are in the store."

Then there are the gas stations. I saw another first: Do Drop In -though Dr. Motes said it was commonplace. All are new to me: Stop and Go, Stop and Shop, Chat and Chew, Pic and Go. One I could not believe when I first hit the US: Piggly Wiggly.

And hair dressers and barber shops: Upper Cuts, The Chopping Block. Dr. Motes observes that barbers and hairdressers have to be good talkers, so maybe that's it.

Everywhere I look I see great names for bands: "Seamless gutters" - can't beat that for a punk group. And Dusty Treasures - obviously country, maybe an old cowboy.

All this started years ago. I was on a double decker bus going to the other end of Reading for my first elocution lesson. Down below on a shop front, I saw Tibbles Bakery. There was an older man sitting next to me on the bus and he looked down at me with a gentle smile - She likes the name Tibbles and she's writing it down!

I can still remember the overwhelming mortification. I was just seven, that's when the elocution (speech) lessons began. So that's when all this started. And now it's seamless gutters and the same old thrill, sitting next to Dr. Motes now, who's doing the driving but still keeping an eye open too. It was Dr. Motes who caught "Hooker St, Business Park."