Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Twil be, 'Tis and 'Twas: two months in the life of a blog

Back in November this started as "'Twil be..the season.."  A blog in praise of Christmas as the one time a year when there's a solid public for plastic snowmen, cardboard Santas and books.
Selling a book is hard. People back away. ("Oh, I don't read...Don't have time...") But at Christmas people know they don't have to actually READ a book but just BUY the damn thing. The whole job of actual reading is handed off to someone else - i.e.give Orchid Territory as a  PRESENT. Because outside of Christmas and birthdays, in this brave new world, there are not so many opportunities anymore.

Easter? Well, you could have the Easter Bunny hide a copy or two. There will be some disappointment among the young 'uns but a book's a lot healthier than a chocolate egg so parents and Michelle Obama will be happy. Halloween? Probably not. Teenagers baffled and enraged by offerings of  Orchid Territory rather then Hershey bars, might be liable to do some damage to the front lawn.

Which brings us back to Christmas and by the way, an extra persuasive argument for orchidists: unlike a present of a flowering orchid, Orchid Territory can be bought early on and hidden in your closet! Also it's cheap! Special 10.00 dollars American! Try getting a Present-To-Remember for THAT. (And inside Obama's nanny-Fascist state books and crates of vegetables are the only acceptable Christmas presents anyway, no chocs or alcohol!)

Speaking of which, an added bonus. If you still read books, then you can enjoy Orchid Territory and still give it away. This cannot be done with chocs or drink.You cannot eat the chocs, rearrange the little silver and gold papers and hand over the box. You can't drink the wine and then wrap up the bottle. It's been quite a few decades since a light bulb stuck in an empty Chianti bottle was the smartest lamp around.                                                  
But if you're a careful reader: ( no coffee stains, white wine and greasy popcorn traces) then no one need ever know their Orchid Territory was pre-owned and pre-read.

Back in November I convinced myself a little too well that people no longer read blogs either, or at least mine, so- why bother? So this is why this blog is definitely  'Twas... and that's not the night before Christmas, either.