Monday, September 19, 2011

On the road

We were in California, (Orange County Orchid Society, Newport Harbor Orchid Society and San Gabriel Valley Orchid Society) then home with new BFF's - then OMG! Hurricane Irene! False alarm but then it was tidy up and get ready for the trip to Atlanta (the Atlanta Orchid Society.)

I should have been all a twitter all the time because tweeting is perfect for snap judgements: San Bernadino- so sad and dusty! Or did we come in the wrong end? Pasadena- elegant! Riverside - neat! Dr. Motes told the Mong guy selling long green beans in the market the Latin name. He said he(the Mong man) had been selling them man and boy- and never knew. Though that's too long for a tweet.
Georgia-Great oak trees! May they never have a hurricane.
Spanish moss - so grey and wispy. Come to Motes Orchids for plump and green sort-(gets water and fertilizer all the time.)
Lovely old leafy small towns, the best lovely old houses, always the most beautiful, always taken over by the lawyers.
The most imposing old houses always on the corners of the street-commanding two roads. Obviously before the motor car, the automobile.

Must stick to tweets. My problem is I want to be funny and there's nothing funny about nice orchid society people opening their homes to us, taking us off for meals, hey- buying our orchids- and if there were, you certainly couldn't write it down.
Well, I did write Orchid Territory, but no nice orchid people or pets/animals were harmed in its production. That's why it's a novel.