Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Free orchid classes

"Dr Motes gives free orchid classes on Saturday mornings at eleven." But sometimes he doesn't. And that's when he's off for example, to Sarasota or Pittsburg or Nepal. There are actual clusters of orchid  people out there who ask, even beg and pay for "distinguished speakers" and Dr. Motes is one.

 My point is, it's a bit like BOGOS. For example, they're always having this great offer for olive oil, buy one, get one free. And it's a big bottle, with maybe gold medals on the label but I'm thinking, if it's that good, why is it free? So all I'm saying, Kendall, Pembroke Pines - South Florida - we're off to London next week, for the European Orchid Conference where Dr. Motes will be speaking on Saturday, prime time! And speaking of Saturday, check your emails for the next free orchid class, at eleven, at Motes Orchids, under the trees.

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