Monday, February 27, 2012

Mother of the Groom

Apparently being Mother of the Groom kills the blogger in me. The wedding was in February and I haven't blogged since. (The date at the top marks the moment I gave up.) We've all seen enough movies to know that a wedding is either ripe for comic relief ( yes!) or soggy with tears and we all know Brits hate being caught soggy and sentimental.

Re comic relief: my main concern was that I might well be it. So I did put out an advisory early on that if a family member caught sight of me at the reception twirling gently in a corner by myself, glass in hand or not, they should tow me quietly back to my seat.
But I did do some dancing with friends while Dr. Motes closed his eyes. (It had been a long day.) I knew all the stuff the DJ played because I listen to MIA, etc. down in the orchid house when I get tired of NPR and Deficit Spending and a Sensible Exit From Afghanistan.

Re soggy with tears: There was no reason to cry. In this vast country the happy couple are going to be living not on the other side of purple majesty and a thousand miles of golden grain, but in Coral Gables, just down the road.
Note: Have lived long enough in US to call forty minutes of hard driving "just down the road."(In UK that would be "We'll never see them" sniff -"they're halfway to Manchester!")

Second Note: Just after the wedding I was watching the Academy Awards as always, and was at one with every star on the red carpet. I too had squeezed into something long and shiny. (Ah! Hello Spanx!) - I too had my hair and face 'done' so that, like Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, I could hardly recognize myself.

Oh, the wedding? Wonderful. Beautiful. Perfect. (Sniff) -Stiff upper lip! It was definitely a jolly good show.


  1. Was it your son who got married? Met him at Orchid Fest at Fairchild 2 yrs ago, very nice young man who reminded me of "Mark." Glad they will be still close to you.

    1. Yes! It was our son! Glad he gave a good impression."Mark" started off as Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Nice to know you're reading the blog. Mary

  2. To be a mother of groom sometimes gets hectic as she has to take care about most of things. My friend recently got married at NYC wedding venues. Where her mother was caught up with many things to do but in all she arranged a beautiful wedding.