Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding PS

I was too cynical about the BBC and the wedding- about the whole thing. I watched loads of it, actually starting out with Katy Couric on Channel Four whom (see I'm English!) I will always love because of Sarah Palin. (You had to have been there.) I was like some old cockney Gran, with bad teeth, interviewed at the Palace railings: "Wha' a loverly pair!"

"Oh the English organisation..."etc. And we go, Yeah, OK. But, when you think about it... Did anyone see sniffer dogs and black vans parked behind the trees, and cops with bullet proof vests talking into electronic devices? Well maybe that was the Household Guards with their shining breast plates..Somehow I feel if this had been in the great US we would have all been made aware of What Perils Are Lurking.

Well, I'm American, too. So God Bless America, but just this once, I think England really is tops. It was a loverly job.

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